A3908 Wireless Thermostat

Isolated Thermostat/ Remote Thermostat/ Electronic Thermostat

The A3908 wireless thermostat allows homeowners to automate their home's temperature controls through the use of bi-directional controls.
The attractive, ultra-slim, ultra-modern styling remote thermostat unit is compatible with heat pump, gas, oil and electric boiler heating systems for up to 2 heat, 2 cooling systems.
7days /5+2 programmable. Rechargeable Li-battery and recharged by universal USB bring outstanding convenience. The large, backlit display LCD is easy to read.

●Transmits up to 300ft(100m) on field and through walls and floors
●Communicates at 433 MHz for interference free operation
●Works with single or dual stage gas/electric systems, heat pumps, or hydronic systems
●Programmable up to 4 time periods daily, which can be customized for each day of the week
●Auto changeover from heating to cooling, with adjustable "deadband"
●Backlit display for easy nighttime viewing (automatically turns off after 8 seconds of non-use)
●Displays either Fahrenheit or Centigrade
●Wireless thermostat uses rechargeable Li-battery
●24VAC power supplied Controller
●Install yourself if you are familiar with installing a standard HVAC thermostat
●Designed for use with 24VAC heating/cooling systems

Additional Features
●Auto Changeover, 2-Stage Heat & 2-Stage Cool for use with gas /oil /electric boiler or heat pump systems
●Thermostat is completely wireless, receiver can be mounted at the unit or at old thermostat's location
●Transmits at 433MHz using pulse code modulation-won't interfere with other wireless systems
●Rechargeable Li-battery
●7 Day Programmable with 4 time periods per day and holiday mode
●Dual-setpoint with deadband and temperature sensor
●All programming stored in nonvolatile memory
●Display shows heat or cool setpoints, mode, and room temperature simultaneously
●4 minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit, both overrideable for servicing equipment
●Setpoint adjustment range from 40°F to 99°F
●Complicated address mode based on automatic Recognition

● Wireless Communication Frequency: 433MHz
● Wireless Communication Rate:10 kbps
● Wireless Channel Number:10
● Communication Distance: Barrier-free 100m
● Ambient Temperature:0℃ ~ 50℃
● Ambient Humidity:≤90%

Wireless Thermostat:
● Set-point Range: 5℃ ~ 35℃; 7℃ ~ 37℃
● Display : LCD
● Backlight: White
●Temperature Sensor: NTC 3950 10K
● Button: Silicone keys
● Power Supply: 1 lithium battery(3V - 4.2V)
● Dimensions: 95 × 135 × 16 mm(W×H×D)

Wireless Actuator
● Hole Pitch: 105 mm or 87.5mm
● Relay: < 3A(Resistive)
● Self Power: <1W
● Power Voltage: AC24V