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    1. Breath Series (WiFi/Modbus optional)HaiLin's Breath Series touch screen thermostats feature a sleek all black surface design with an intuitive touch interface. From the thermostat you can operate on/off controls for fans, valves, dampers or electric heaters in fan coil units, air conditioners and heating systems.
    1. Wireless Fan Coil ThermostatThe A3920 series wireless fan coil thermostat is designed for the remote temperature and fan control of 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coil units. The wireless unit can be placed anywhere in your home or office without having to worry about placement.
    1. Digital ThermostatThe A3700 series thermostats feature a modern and beautiful large LCD display where you can operate and control most gas, oil, electric boiler or 2-wire hot water heating and air-conditioning systems with 24-volt or millivolt control.
    1. Wireless ThermostatThe A3908 wireless thermostat allows homeowners to automate their home's temperature controls through the use of bi-directional controls.
    1. Dial ThermostatThe HA202, HA302 thermostat is used for indoor heating systems. The analog thermostat uses a highly accurate dial to select the precise temperature desired and the heating system performs the rest.
    1. Boiler ThermostatThe A3263 programmable thermostat is designed for general heating system units with 7-Day, 4-period programming function that provides precise comfort control to meet energy saving requirements.
    1. Wireless ThermostatThe A3963 wireless thermostat is used to control water heating system with a single branch manifold and electric heating systems in industrial, commercial and residential environments.
    1. The controller is used to control room temperatures in industrial, commercial and residential environments via a controlling electric modulating valve / damper with 0-10Vdc (4-20mA) signal or floating control.
    1. VA03 series damper actuators are designed to control air dampers, ventilation flaps, air handler,louver and VAV units. There are two types of the actuators: ON / Off and modulating.
    1. These temperature and humidity sensors are installed inside walls, duct-mounted, immersion-mounted (No RH) or outside style. The humidity sensor is capable of measuring relative humidity (RH) over the entire range of 5 to 95%, and its all-polymer construction provides improved resistance to chemical corrosion.