Dial Thermostat for Heating System, HA Series

Heating Thermostat/ Manual Thermostat/ Analog Thermostat

The HA202, HA302 thermostat is used for indoor heating systems. The analog thermostat uses a highly accurate dial to select the precise temperature desired and the heating system performs the rest.
The HA202 adopts a water heating system and normally open or closed valve. Dry contact is optional.
The HA302 employs electric heating system and is equipped with dual-temperature control function. Optional temperature: 40℃, 50℃, and 60℃

● Easy installation
● Aesthetic appearance
● LCD display
● Easy operated with knob
● LCD display
● Retardant housing PC+ABS
● Standard 86-box installation
● Standard hole spacing 60 mm
● Terminal wiring
● Having passed the high-safety and reliability test

Technical Parameters
● Temperature setting: by knob
● Status indication: LED
● Temperature sensing element: NTC
● Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃
● Temperature control range: 5~30℃
● Working temperature: 0~45℃
● Moisture: 5~95% RH (no condensation)
● Power supply: AC220V±15%, 50/60Hz
● Output power:
Plumbing type: AC220V 2A (Resistive load), AC220V 1A (inductive load);
Electric heating type: AC220V 16A (Electric heating type), AC220V 6A (inductive load)
● Self-consumption power: <2 W
● Housing material: PC+ABS (Retardant)
● Dimension: 86×86×33mm (W×H×T)
● Hole spacing: 60mm
● Protection class: IP 30