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    1. PID ThermostatThe controller is used to control room temperatures in industrial, commercial and residential environments via a controlling electric modulating valve / damper with 0-10Vdc (4-20mA) signal or floating control.
    1. Damper ActuatorVA03 series damper actuators are designed to control air dampers, ventilation flaps, air handler,louver and VAV units. There are two types of the actuators: ON / Off and modulating.
    1. Temperature and Humidity SensorThese temperature and humidity sensors are installed inside walls, duct-mounted, immersion-mounted (No RH) or outside style. The humidity sensor is capable of measuring relative humidity (RH) over the entire range of 5 to 95%, and its all-polymer construction provides improved resistance to chemical corrosion.
    1. Heating ValveThe T32-V32 series thermostatic radiator valves are the combinations of thermostat and valve bodies which are extensively used to control room temperature. The user sets a required temperatureby the knob of the thermostatic radiator controller actuator through the expansion sensor element manually and the system will act accordingly to reach the desired temperature.