A3963 Wireless Thermostat

Wireless Heater Thermostat/ Remote Heater Control/ Remote Thermostat

The A3963 wireless thermostat is used to control water heating system with a single branch manifold and electric heating systems in industrial, commercial and residential environments.
The A3963 wireless thermostat allows homeowners to automate their home's temperature controls through the use of bi-directional controls. Attractive, ultra-slim, ultra-modern styling.
The A3963 wireless thermostat consists of an A3963 sender thermostat and a wireless A3963 controller.

● Communicates at 433 MHz for stand-alone interface
● Transmits up to 200ft(60m)in the field (The distance will shorten if through walls and floors)
● 7days programmable, 4 events per day
● Backlit display (automatically turns off after 8 seconds of non-use)
● Fahrenheit / Centigrade
● Rechargeable Li-battery by USB cable (rechargeable included)
● 24Vac,110Vac,230Vac power supplied Controller
● Easy Installation

● Comfortable/Economy setting
● Heat- OFF mode
● Temporary manual override
● keyboard lockout

● Programmability Day/5+2 programmable
● Thermostat Color: white
● Power method: Rechargeable Li-Battery
● Thermostat Dimensions(mm):135 x 95 x 15.5mm(W x H x D)
● Controller Dimensions(mm):116 x 98 x 45 mm(W x H x D)
● Setting temperature range: 45°F to 95°F (7℃ to 35℃)
● Differential Temperature: ±1°F(±1℃)
● Temperature range: 30°F to 99°F (0℃ to 37℃)
● Temperature Sensor: NTC Thermistor
● Transmitter Frequency: 433MHz
● Operation Humidity Range:5~95%RH(non-condensing)
● Controller Voltage:24Vac,110Vac,230Vac
● Mounting: Surface mounting