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HL8102 PID Temperature Controller

PID Thermostat/ Digital Controller/ Temperature Control Device

The HL8102 series digital temperature controller is a microprocessor-based controller with digital LCD display.
The controller is used to control room temperatures in industrial, commercial and residential environments via a controlling electric modulating valve / damper with 0-10Vdc (4-20mA) signal or floating control.
The controller provides proportional plus integral (PI) control with modulating and floating control output.

● Temperature control for variable air volume (VAV) box
● Temperature control for VAV with reheat box
● Modulating / Floating valve
● Modulating / Floating damper
● Constant temperature control

● Digital display of sensed temperature and user selected temperature setting on demand
● Proportional plus integral (PI) advanced control with analog signal output
● 0-5Vdc,1-5 Vdc,0-10Vdc, 2-10Vdc or 4~20mA (0~20mA) signal and floating output
● Direct / reverse acting output
● Output limited for overload protection
● Energy saving mode-external energy savings input (ESI) from card key or occupancy sensors
● Adjustable unoccupied setpoint for heating and cooling mode control
● Sleep mode control
● Model available for build-in or remote sensor (RS) function
● Remote control (RC) output for interlocking on / off control application
● Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) retains usersettings during power loss
● Large LCD display with blue backlight
● °F or ℃ display unit
● Adjustable maximum and minimum setpoint limits
● Adjustable deadband (some dual outputs model)
● Control off output when system switch at“OFF”position
● RS-485 network interface
● Modbus RTU protocol

● Temperature Sensor: NTC thermistor 100K
● Accuracy:±0.5℃
● Room Temperature Display Accuracy:0.1℃
● Set-point Range:0~99.5℃ (adjustable)
● Temperature Display Range:0~99.5℃
● Power Supply:24VAC±10% 50Hz/60Hz
● Input Signal: Normally open passive dry contact
● Output Signal:
Floating:24VAC×2 (0.5A)
PID:0-10VDC (5mA)
0-20mA (100-500 Ω matching resistance)
Fan:220VAC (1A)
● Self Power:<1W
● RS485 Interface,MODBUS Protocol
● Display: LCD
● Housing: PC+ABS (Fire Retardant)
● Dimensions:86×86×23.5mm(W×H×D)
● Installation: Standard 86 box mounting
● Hole Pitch:60 mm (Standard)
● Wiring:0.5~2.0mm2
● Ambient Conditions:0~50℃,5~95% RH (Non-condensate)