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Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Humidity Detector/ Temperature Logger/ Temperature and Humidity Gauge

These temperature and humidity sensors are installed inside walls, duct-mounted, immersion-mounted (No RH) or outside style. The humidity sensor is capable of measuring relative humidity (RH) over the entire range of 5 to 95%, and its all-polymer construction provides improved resistance to chemical corrosion.
The HL-S series product line delivers devices with RH accuracy of either ±3% or ±5% RH. HL-S series temperature and humidity elements produce voltage or current output signals proportional to measured temperature and humidity for temperature and humidity indication. Temperature sensors are available in thin-film nickel and thin-film platinum.
The elements are powered with 13.5 to 30 VDC or 20 to 30 VAC and feature a user-selectable humidity output of 0~5 VDC,

● Temperature accuracy: ±0.5%FS
● Humidity accuracy: ±3 or ±5% RH
● Temperature sensor: Platinum resistance, NTC
● Humidity sensor: Humidity sensitive capacitance
● Wire: 2 x 1.0 mm2 or 2 x1.5mm2
● Power supply: DC13.5-35V
● Load capacity: Voltage: ≤1mA; Current: ≤600Ω