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BV03 Motorized Ball Valve

Fluid Control Valve / Fluid Regulator / Flow Control Valve / Valve for Water Tank

Basic Introduction
BV03 series electric ball valve is mainly use in central air conditioning hot and cold water system. It controls the flow of clod and hot medium precisely without resulting to a dramatic change in the temperature, so the temperature in the room will be adjusted accurately. The control valve is driven by bidirectional motor, which is connected with the thermostat through the public region, the open end and the closed end. With the thermostat continuously collecting and dealing with the temperature data and sending signal to the valve motor, the ball valve will react correspondingly to let cold or hot water enter the fan coil, thus cooling or heating the room. When the temperature reaches the preset value, the thermostat will cut the power supply of ball valve to keep the valve at an optimal state, so the temperature will always vary within the range the thermostat allows.

● Straight water, large flow, no blockage
● Good performance in preventing water and dust (IP65)
● The actuator is insulated from the cold or heat of valve or environment
● The actuator is easy to be installed and disassembled
● Users can assemble the actuator after the installation of equipment and pipes is finished to improve the working efficiency
● Considering the eccentric structure of the actuator, the valves can be installed tightly against the wall
● Large shut-off pressure, closed tightly
● Users can adopt common tools to disassemble the ball valve of actuator
● The actuator is suitable for all valves of 1/2″~1 ¼ ″
● The actuator can be assembled in 2 directions, making it easy for wiring and maintenance
● The valve is opened or closed gently to prevent water hammer
● Life of the motor is largely extended with the motor bearing no loads when the valve is in its place

Technical Parameters
● Medium: cold/hot water, 60% Ethylene glycol
● Specification: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32 (2-way)
● Structure: 2/3-way
● Running mode: floating point control (24VAC) or on/off
● Power supply: AC220V, AC24V
● Power:6W (during moving of the valve)
● Valve moving time: opening: 15s; closing: 15s
● Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa
● Medium temperature: 1℃~95℃
● Max pressure difference: 1MPa
● Materials
valve body: forged brass, with forged brass with nickel plating optional
ball: stainless steel
stem: brass
seat: glass fiber reinforced Teflon PTFE
● Sealing: 2 O-shaped EPDM rings, with lubrication
● Protection class: IP65
● Maintenance: maintenance-free
● Types: 2-way valve, 3-way with bottom outlet, 3-way with side outlet