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    1. Motorized ValveThe HL-G2 motorized valve is a series of two-way motorized valves with screw connections. The valve and actuator can be separated into two units.When a thermostat sends the control signal to the motorized valve, the valve is opened to allow flow. When the signal disappears the valve will be completely closed by its spring.
    1. Motorized Ball ValveBV03 series electric ball valve is mainly use in central air conditioning hot and cold water system. It controls the flow of clod and hot medium precisely without resulting to a dramatic change in the temperature, so the temperature in the room will be adjusted accurately.
    1. DDF Electric Butterfly ValveDDF series electric butterfly valve is a control valve composed of an electric actuator with an angular stroke and a butterfly valve body. It is mainly suitable for air-conditioning, heating and other building automatic control systems.
    1. Electro-Thermal ValveT41-V41 Series electro thermal valves consist of the T41 Series Electro Thermal Actuator and V41 Series Valve, which are widely applicable for floor heating control system.