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Breath Series (WiFi/Modbus optional)

Digital Thermostat/ Programmable Thermostat/ Wifi Thermostat

HaiLin's Breath Series touch screen thermostats feature a sleek all black surface design with an intuitive touch interface. From the thermostat you can operate on/off controls for fans, valves, dampers or electric heaters in fan coil units, air conditioners and heating systems.
The programmable thermostat uses a RS-485 communicating interface and MODBUS protocol for system integration. The thermostat can be controlled manually, by master controller or by the BAS.

● The screen will automatically show normal working interface when approached
● Sleek and fashionable design
● Large screen LCD display
● Concise icons shown on LCD
● Hailin Key, one touch energy saving.
● Blue backlight(Optional)
● Standby mode to minimize energy consumption
● Keypad lock to avoid tampering(Optional)
● RS-485 communication interface and MODBUS protocol for system integration.(Optional)
● Wifi for Andriod & iOS(Optional)

● Detect and Display Room Temp
● Cool/Heat/Vent Mode Change Control
● Manual/Auto Fan Speed
● Clock
● Room temperature setting.
● Cool, Heat and Vent.
● 3 speed fan control, auto / manual
● Timer on/off (-T, Optional)
● 7 days 4 period Programmable (-T74, Optional)
● Model available for 85-260VAC power input
● Easy installation