A3700 Digital Thermostat

Furnace Thermostat/Automatic Thermostat/ Electronic Thermostat

The A3700 series thermostats feature a modern and beautiful large LCD display where you can operate and control most gas, oil, electric boiler or 2-wire hot water heating and air-conditioning systems with 24-volt or millivolt control.

● Latching relays for system compatibility
● Selectable applications satisfy personal demand
● AC24V with battery backup, hidden batteries Installation gives a clear and smooth apperance.
● Highly reliable stand-alone microprocessor increases anti-jamming ability
● 5+2 or 7 days 4 periods Programmable
● Low battery indicator(optional)
● Adjustable cycle rate
● 12/24 hour clock
● Large,easy-to-read LCD display with green backlight
● Easy,front load battery access
● Armchair programming allows you to remove the thermostat from the wall for programming
● Soft touch keypad
● Filter change indicator
● °F/ ℃ selector

Main Functions
● Room Temperature Setting
● Detect and Display Room Temp
● Cool/Heat/Auto mode selectable
● °F/℃ selectable indicator
● 12/24 hours clock
● Compressor short-cycle protection
● High/low temperature protection
● Selectable deadband setting
● 5+2 or 7 days 4 periods Programmable