HA208/HA308 Digital Thermostat

Electronic Thermostat/ Heater Thermostat/ Heating Unit Thermostat

The HA 208, HA308 digital thermostat are multi-functional indoor thermostat with LCD displays. The microprocessor control of these units allows for outstanding temperature regulation and energy savings.

The HA208 is used for water heating systems. It adopts a normally opened or closed valve. Dry contact is optional.
The HA308 is used for electric heating systems. The unique dual-temperature, dual-control system performs temperature control for the heating equipment at the same time detecting the temperature inside the room. The temperature is set at 20~90℃. When the equipment has reached the set temperature, the heating device stops automatically to ensure the heating equipment can work under appropriate temperature, and extend the system's life.
The 5+2 program control system is able to set different temperatures according to time divisions in order to create a comfortable environment at all times, which is also energy saving.

● Electric heating control system, normally open or closed valve
● Highly reliable single-chin with high anti-interference performance
● Touch switch
● Different working modes
● LCD display
● Temperature correction function
● Anti freezing
● Delay output
● Optional timing boot or shutdown, 5+2 four-period
● Optional dual-temperature dual-control system
● Optional clock, remote control, blue backlight
● Retardant material for housing (PC+ABS)
● Standard 86-box installation, with a thickness of 13mm
● Standard hole spacing: 60mm
● Terminal wiring
● Having passed high-security and reliability test
● Power supply: AC85~260V

Technical Parameters
● Temperature sensing element : NTC
● Display: LCD
● Display window size : 65×48mm
● Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
● Temperature range: 5~35℃(with sensor insert ed), 5~90℃ (single external sensor)
● Environment: 0~45℃
● Moisture: 5~95% RH (No condensation)
● Touch switch
● Self - consumption power : <1W
● Power: AC85~260V±10%, 50/60Hz
● Output power
water heating : AC220V 2A (resistive),AC220V 1A (Inductive)
electric heating : AC220V 16A(Resistive),AC220V 6A(Inductive)
● Housing:PC+AB(Fire Retardant)
● Dimensions:86×86×13mm(W×H×D)
● Hole Pitch:60mm
● Protection Class: IP 30