HA226 & HA326 Series Thermostat

The HA226/HA326 series thermostats use microcomputer control technology. With large screen liquid crystal display, the series is suitable for home, office building, school and other temperature control applications.

The HA226/HA326 series thermostats are used with YK04 remote control.
HA226 is used in water heating system.
HA326 is used for electric heating system.

Function Specifications
● Touch button
● Low temperature protection
● Power-off memory
● Clock and time switch machine (Optional)
● 4 periods programmable (Optional)
● Single external sensor (Optional)
● Dual temperature/Independent control (Optional)
● Self-consumed power: < 2W
● Supply Voltage: 85~250VAC, 50/60Hz
● Type of external sensor for electric heating: NTC10k B=3950
● Wiring: Water heating is connected to a 2.5mm2 wire. Electric heating is connected to a 4mm2 wire.
● Load current: Water heating < 2A (resistive load); Electric heating < 16A (resistive load)
● Enclosure: PC+ABS flame retardant
● Dimensions: 86 X 86 X 13mm (WxHxD)
● Mounting hole spacing: 60mm (standard)
● Protection level: IP30