HA223/HA323 Digital Thermostat

Electronic Heating Thermostat/ Heater Thermostat/ Heating Unit Thermostat

The HA223/HA323 programmable thermostat is specially designed for heating units and is equipped with an extra-large LCD display. It is suitable for controlling heating equipment in industrial, commercial and household uses.

The thermostat adopts micro-computer control and touch switch for simple programming. The LCD is set to display: working condition of the thermostat, indoor temperature, and temperature of equipment, and clock. Buttons available: start and stop, function setting, clock, and temperature adjustment.

● Working day / rest day, 4-period control
● Indoor temperature display
● Indoor temperature display
● Temperature display for heating equipment
● Clock display
● Week day display

Technical Parameters
● Temperature sensing element : NTC
● Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
● Temperature setting: 5~35℃ (built-in sensor); 20~90℃ (Single external sensor)
● Working temperature: 0~45℃
● Moisture: 5~95% RH (no condensation)
● Touch switch
● Self-consumption power: <2 W
● Power supply: AC85~260V, 50/60Hz
● Terminals: can connect wires of 1×4mm2
● Load current
HA223: AC220V 2 A (resistive load), AC220V 1 A (Inductive load)
HA323: AC220V 16A (resistive load), AC220V 6 A (Inductive load)
● Housing: PC+ABS (retardant)
● Dimension: 86×86×13mm (W×H×T)
● Hole spacing: 60mm (standard)
● Protection grade: IP30