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T41-V41 Electro-Thermal Valve

Heating system valve/ Heating Valve/ Floor Heating Valve

T41-V41 Series electro thermal valves consist of the T41 Series Electro Thermal Actuator and V41 Series Valve, which are widely applicable for floor heating control system. They are used to adjust the room temperature by controlling the open/close of the hot water pipes and they are very simple to install. They provide incredible performance, durability and energy savings.

Actuator Specifications
Product Name Electro-Thermal Actuator
Model T41-V24 T41-V110 T41-V220
Working Voltage 24Vac±10%, 50/60HZ 110Vac±10%, 50/60Hz 220Vac±10%, 50/60Hz
Enclosure Material Fire retardant ABS engineering plastic
Color White
Control Element Electro-thermal wax sensor
Connector to Valve Body M30xl.5
Working Ambient Temperature < 40°C
First Fully Open Time < 6min(25°C)
Working Force i80N
Pull Stroke a4.5mm
Protection Class IP40
Power Consumption 1.1VA
MaxJmpact Current 0.7A
Lead Wire lm Length (2*core)
Net Weight 94g